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Smart Community

One Stop Solution for high end building

Smart Community

Smart Community is designed to provide a One Stop Solution for High End Building in Cambodia.

Our solutions include High Speed Internet, OTT TV, VoIP Phone, Telecom solutions and hospitality Interface..

When Traditional Solutions require the building of three separate networks, SingMeng provides one full service solution over a single optical fiber network. Our solution will reduce your network investment by 40%!

Multiple options are available. We will fulfill your demands for ultra-speed, reliability and security Network. In addition, with SingMeng TV your guests will enjoy the latest entertainment solution in Cambodia.

To guarantee our services, you will get a Key Account Manager and full technical support.

Reduce your investment cost, Increase your efficiency and enhance your brand with SingMeng Telemedia.

Our Services


Save 40% Investment
Less Maintenance
High Quality Products
Enhance Brand Value

Hospitality Interface

Enhance Brand Value
Your TV solution plays a far more vital role than merely for streaming TV channels with high-definition images.
It is an important digital touchpoint to embrace and pamper your guests.
Our team is highly experienced in putting together customized TV and information solutions uniquely tailored for Modern
Apartment & Hotel, through any channel or device, you desire, we help you to indulge your guests in delightful entertainment
and provide beneficial information.

Add value to your brand, share information, save time and money and create a delightful experience for your guests.

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